What is thought of BMC, black mountain, cables?

I've searched but found little in the way of comments or opinions of this brand of cables.
I'd appreciate any info.


Seems as though there is no way to actually order their cables for the full price on line. At least there is no automated ordering. You have to call them and tell them you want a $899 Silver Pinnacle Interconnects. Seems like they sell a lot of these at auction.
I just won one pair of these for $154 on an Agon auction. I will try em, and return em with their 30 day money back guarantee if I don't like them.
I can not find any review of them, or anything about how folks like them. There was a buyer on their feedback who liked their silver XLR 's, and was selling his Signal Cable silvers, saying the BMC's were slightly more truthful.
I should mention they have a lot of very positive feedback!
It is odd their cables are not twisted or shielded. I don't think the digital cable wuld be anywhere near 75 ohm.

Yep that's true ( not 75ohms ) but them work , really do guys.
I just received a B M POWER CABLE.Trying it out now.So far so good.Give me a week i will re post.
I want to buy another one of these!!
Just thought I'd chime in, though it's late in the post...Just got one of Ben's Peak Gold power cords in the mail the other day. Jammed it into my Jolida 100a CDP. WHAP. The difference was instantaneous. I was genuinely stricken. The breadth and glow of the music was astounding from the first notes, and only got better. My wife (who loves music, digs the gear, and who is now seriously impatient with anything to do with cabling) walked silently into the room, a cloudy look on her face, planted herself in front of the speakers, listened to the rest of Mark Sandman's tune, and at the finish, simply said, "Wow." I have what I thought a terrific--if affordable--rig, but this thing really brought it together, and brought it upwards. (Insert effusive audiophile buzzwords here.) Gold is a conductor that is supposed to rank down there with aluminum; then what in the hell is this? I'm with Energizer: I want another one. Until then, I'll have to be satisfied with the set of Ben's interconnects I just ordered...