what is Thomas Schick Tonearm effective mass?

for schick tonearm owners:

Anyone can tell me what is Schick's "12 tonearm effective mass:

-with standard counterweight and 12-14g headshell for denon
-with heavy conterweight for spu

I do not use any of these cartridges but i wish to know effective mass of this arm for low compliance cartridges. Impossible to find anything about it online!

p.s. I wonder are you happy with schick's stock cable and cheap neutrik rca ?

I have this tonearm.
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I've read 16g w/o headshell.
So with 14g headshell it would be 16+14= 30g effective mass?
and if the SPU weight is 30g alone, effective mass would much higher?

Looking at ortofon cartridge/tonearm matching diagram i can see that for cartridges compliance under 10uN/mm (like dl103 and SPU) the desirable effective mass would be from 20g to 35g.
Chakster, Without doing the math, I'd guess that 30g would be close, but "effective mass" is related to the distribution of the mass, as well as the absolute weight. (You probably can find many methods to calculate it on-line.) The (square of) the distance from the center of mass of the counter-wt to the pivot (times the mass of the CW) is also a factor, and since the CW might need to be moved to the rear a bit to counter the weight of the headshell, that would be another source of error when you simply say "30g". Suffice to say that the ensemble would be in the high mass category. I would think you can ask Schick himself this question.
Any comments on stock cable and stock RCA connectors on this tonearm? I have spare Xhadow RCA, maybe worth to try instead of cheap Neutrik...