What is this speaker cable connection?



I was given these speaker cable and told these were really expensive. But when look at the connection, it doesn't make any sense to me. I have used banana plugs before. But I have no idea how to connect these with my amplifier. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
What is your amplifier?
Well, not sure how expensive those connectors are in real life, but they are just typical spades. Unscrew the amp terminals and stick them in. :)
My amplifier is parasound a23 and Arcam Neo Solo. 
Yes, as erik said, the connectors are standard spades. Because the speaker terminals on the Parasound 23 are quite close to the bottom of the case the length of the barrel of those connectors might not give you enough room to bend the cable away from the amp. It might be necessary to raise the amp, connect the cables from the top of the terminals rather than from the bottom or connect them from the bottom at an angle.
Both of those amps have binding posts that will accept bananas, pins, bare wire and spade lugs like you have. Just unscrew the plastic red or black knob and insert the lug into the area that is exposed when unscrewing the post. Then tighten it back up, as tight as you can get with your fingers or gently give it a nudge with a pair of pliers. You do not want them to move back & forth. Make sure the + & - wires are not touching each other.