What is this speaker cable connection?



I was given these speaker cable and told these were really expensive. But when look at the connection, it doesn't make any sense to me. I have used banana plugs before. But I have no idea how to connect these with my amplifier. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Well, not sure how expensive those connectors are in real life, but they are just typical spades. Unscrew the amp terminals and stick them in. :)
So, lots wrong here.

Speaker terminals have voltage, and accidentally shorting them can damage your amp. You don't want long, conductive terminals here. Next, they look very hard. You want your spades to be soft, that improves how well they grip and stay put.

In terms of affordability, get some crimp on spades made of copper and use appropriate heat shrink to insulate them below the spades. Something like this will work. Of course, check your wire guage to be sure you get the right size:


Hey to these is that the core is copper. Copper is a great conductor and very soft.
I meant to type:

Key to these is that the core is copper.