What is this interconnect?

Doubtful anybody will know, but I have a pair of interconnects that I demo'd at a stereo store a number of years ago and bought. There is no name, logo, or other corporate (or individual) markings, but they are atypical.

First, the RCA connector sticks out of a wood sheath. I am not talking about the metal cylinder which makes contact with the female rca connector, but right behind it - I don't know what type of wood it is, but looks quite nice. There is a large arrow on one end of the cable, in black and lettered imperfectly. Second the cable is semi-rigid. If you bend it in a L shape, it will stay that way. The cable itself is shielded by a grey textile material, it is densely braided and feels a bit like nylon or webbing.

They are strange interconnects, and I assume - made by someone in their garage, but if anyone knows anything about a cable like this.. do respond!

Much thanks for reading this far..
Damn! I know what those are, I've had them, but can not think of the name.
I believe the company that made them loaned us a set around 1993.
If I remember correctly there was quite a problem with the wood block
part of them breaking due to incorrect use. Now, what was the name of them???
I would know if we carried them, but we decided not to.
Sonoran? They made something like this eight or nine years ago.....
What about Versalab ? Don't know if it is what you were looking for, just thought i'd throw it into the ring. They were big fans of using wood on various cabling. Sean
The internal wire is either highly magnetic or mu metal - I forget which. The name escapes me for now (senior moment) , but when it comes back to me I'll repost if someone else hasn't already remembered.
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We have had several pairs of these thru the store and I am continually amazed at just how musical they are compared to how inexpensively they trade. I've seen both a grey and tan sheathing and the wooden connectors with and without the arrows. I was once told they were Forsell's, but have never confirmed that. Bottom line is, they sound very, very good!

Veridian is correct they are Lindsey-Geyer. I finally remembered.
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Wow.. thanks for all of your help! So, the general consensus on the cables is - quite good. Probably no need to go searching for another cable in the $150 (used) range to replace them, then.. yes?

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