What is they best album out there for showing off the sound quality of your system.

Looking for the best of the best if you had one what would it be?

Lyn Stanley. any of her albums but especially her new one, "London Calling". masterfully engineered for showing off your system.
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@viridian, good point.

’Busy’ is the keyword here. It’s where sub 192 kbps MP3s really reveal their limitations. Surprisingly it’s also, as you say, where many audiophile systems make a hash of things - usually in the timing.

How many times do we hear some reviewer admit they were surprised how some particular hitherto deemed low quality recording finally sounded good on such a modest X/Y system.

Far too much audiophile music played at shows tends to be "simple music with vocals and a few instruments".

As I’m going to a show next month I will take along a few difficult CDs. ’The Joshua Tree’ or ’Led Zep IV’ or maybe some Motorhead should provide a reasonable test. At least for those exhibitors who will allow them to be played. Quite a few won’t.

I suspect they know the limitations of their gear and don’t want them broadcasting.

Van Morrison's voice is a tuff test for todays bright speakers.
"The healing game"

Lots of fine recorded songs. Nice bass and background singing.

Black Sabbath (S/T). Loud, louder, loudest !!!