What is the Wavelength Audio house sound?

I own a Scott Nixon Chibi Saru NOS DAC and know he is about to put out an USB TubeDAC.

I also see that Wavelength Audio has already released it's Brick NOS DAC and was wondering what the Wavelength "house sound" is.
I emailed Scott Nixon and asked him if he was going to issue a USB DAC in the future. I never recived a response back. How do you know that he will be coming out with a USB DAC unit?
Regarding Scott Nixon's USB DACs :

He may not have been responding to emails for some time (I read that this was the case on another forum), but sent him one anyway, and in fact he responded a couple days later with the following info :

"TubeDac+ is currently 3 week wait (pcb is out of stock) and USBTD is about 10 days".

And this which seems to be written for his site :
"USBTD shipping NOW! This first version will share the ABS enclosure of the exisiting TubeDac and have the same pricing, $475. By May 06 I will have a new custom chassis for the USB version and price will go up to ~$750 or better. See it on web page: www.scott-nixon.com/dac.htm"

Regarding the Wavelength sound :

I can tell you what I discover when the Cosecant I've ordered arrives, but everything I've read seems extremely positive for either the Brick or the Cosecant. One reviewer (don't remember if it was Art Dudley or another) alluded to the Brick as having a slightly tubed character (fine with me)...
T7278mw, what did you discover about the sound?
I have a Cosecant USB Dac. The sound of this Dac is extremely balanced-more so than any other CD player I have owned. The Cosecant puts out an enormous sound stage with powerful tight bass. The highs are very open, but not hard. The midrange is rich, but again, very neutral.

I feel that the Cosecant is much better than the Brick. Less warm and better resolution. But the Brick is an excellent value.
Wavelength house sound- Musical, sweet, tonally perfect. Could even be described as delicate in some ways. Although the bass with Cosecant is excellent. I have owned two pieces from Wavelnegth and both are very nice and easy to listen to, and quite honestly I attribute Wavelength sound for the complete change in my listening habits. I now listen for music rather than details and analytical artifacts. Wavelength is special stuff and would not dissapoint any audionut.