What is the value of an Oracle-Delphi MK-III TT?

I am thinking of selling my Oracle-Delphi MKIII TT,it has an SME series V tonearm and Benz Micro MC-3 cartridge. The TT is in excellent condition. How much are these tables selling for on the open market? Any input on this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Condition is important, the original boxes can help insure proper packaging to prevent damage, and insurance when shipping is also a good idea. Audiogon has a blue book where values can be checked, otherwise, follow the ads and see for yourself what similar items sell for.
I assume that everything is around cica 1990.
Table only $750 - $1000
SME V - $1,500 - $1,800
Benz MC-3 - free if bought with table and arm.