What is the value of an old pair of 2 way Infinite Slope Speakers, Serial #015927

That's basically it - I want to sell these speakers because I'm moving and plan on purchasing a whole new system. They are in great condition. What could I get for them?
I doubt that anyone can identify them with a serial # without a model #, but anyway, they are very old now, and if they were worth more than $200.00, I'd be surprised. Unless speakers are really well known like LS35A's or the like, people aren't inclined to lay out much money for them, even if they're pretty good.
Infinite Slope or JSE's are from the 80's built by John Sollecito I had a pair of the 1.0's. The 1.0's sell on eBay for around $400 if your's are two way the .6 I believe there's a pair on eBay now selling for $300.  
@roxy54 I doubt that anyone can identify them with a serial # without a model #"

He's absolutely right.

If you could describe the dimensions and the driver array, we could narrow things down, though the differences between adjacent models such as the Model 1.2 and Model 1.8 or Model 2 and Model 4 might blur.

I think the prices mentioned already sound right.  $200 - $750 depending on condition for most of the more ubiquitous models and how / where you market them.  If you have the larger, more complex, more impressive and unique Model 2 or Model 4, they might range from $500 - $1500
I was confused about that issue of the model # . In the model number field, it simply says "Infinite Slope", no numbers. It’s written on that gold sticker with the statement of the warranty and how to obtain service. No other info is provided. JSE Infinite Slope. They are black with a black veneer.