What is the typical VTA for a Benz Ebony TR ?

I am playing a Benz Ebony TR cartridge at the moment. The manual says VTA should be 20 degrees. I am somewhat confused what exactly that translates to. Should I be using positive VTA (tail up) or negative VTA (tail down) ? Looking to get some opinions of what is the typical VTA applied by Benz Ebony cartridges by members here.

Thanks a lot.
I have a Benz LPS which is similar to your cartridge and found that MY cartridge likes just a wee bit of tail up....make absolutely sure you have the azimuth dead on...the more accurate the greater the joy. Come to think of it...all the parameters should be dead on.
I have an Ebony L, which is not quite a low out-put as yours but otherwise pretty similar. I run it parallel or with tail just slightly down. Tail slightly up makes it a tad bright in my system. Its supplied FR graph does show a rising curve in the highest frequencies.