What is the thingie on the WBT Bananna Plug

I am looking at getting some bananna plugs, and in particular have noticed the WBT model 0645. It looks like it has an insulator or something plastic that protrudes from the front parallel to the bananna extrusion. Anyone know what this is? Looks like this will prevent the bananna portion from going into the receptacle, will it?

Also, any comments on this plug, where to get it, or other comparable connectors. Please, Bananna only because that is all my speakers will take, the have 4 bananna holes per speaker (no "spades are better" please because I can't use them).
Here is the wbt cite


Thanks in advance for your helpful comments and/or jokes!
The plastic on the WBT of course does not keep it from connecting to the speaker that would be counterproductive.

The WBT banana opens up once you install them into the speaker post and you turn them as tight as you desire.

It is an excellent product. I don't carry it but Synergistic offers it on their cables so I have them in here all the time.
Are you referring to the angled WBT bananas? I believe I have what you're referring to on my biwired Virtual Dynamics speaker cables. The protruding plastic pins seem to help with alignment and in my case, keep them right side up and prevent them from twisting during tightning. They actually fit snuggly on the other side of the banana plug and don't seem to hinder installation. If they are there for another use, I haven't figured it out and I'm using them incorrectly. Good luck.
Yes, I am referring to the angled plugs. See the situation is that my speakers have 4 flush holes in the center of the rear of the speaker for biwiring with bannanas, they do NOT have binding posts. So if that plastic dealie is designed to hit or engage the outer periphery of a binding post to prevent rotation of the plug, it will likely prevent the bananna from being inserted into my speakers, right? At least this is how it looks from the picture. Do you get what I am saying?
I think I understand your predicament. In my case the binding posts/knobs add distance so that the plastic plug never bottoms out against the cabinet. Are you saying because you only have flush holes, that the plastic plugs may prevent you from inserting the banana securely into the hole? If I'm correct, I don't think the angled WBTs will work for you. I just took a look at my WBTs, and it seems that the plastic plug does not protrude as much as the banana plug. But, there is only about at most a 1/16" difference, which may not work in your application.

Have you looked into the other WBT bananas? They don't use the plastic extender plug that the angled ones do. The Analysis Plus Oval Nines I used to own had the Midlines with plastic twist sleeves. The WBT Topline bananas I believe uses a metal twist sleeve. Although the angled WBT sleeves are plastic, I feel they are much easier at locking then the Midlines. I have no experience with the Toplines though.

Let me know if I've accurately described your situation.
The "insulator" is to prevent inadvertent installation of the banana plug into a type of 240 volt wall outlet common in Europe. Sort of an attempt to appease some "big brother" government regulation.
Alexander is correct. It has to do with laws particulerly in Germany to prevent them from being plugged into an AC outlet. Another protection device for children and real stupid people. Mine would not insert fully on my Legacy speakers. So I cut the plastic rod off and dressed it with a file. It is a perfect fit now. As far as resale goes I plan on keeping them. Sound wise the 0600 straight rodium top line bannas sound better.
Hi, I forgot to mention that Parts Express sells WBT connectors at the best prices I have seen. Go to their web site at WWW.partsexpress.com . Good luck!
Gunbei, you have got it right, and Motorpsychos I think has the solution I was thinking of, its good to see people with the same problem at least. No reason performance wise not to cut the plastic dealie off and use it anyway.
South_Park, isn't this great? In true Audiogon fashion, Alexander and Motorpsychos have solved your problem! Have fun.
Well, my "problem" is the same as everyone else here, wanting this stuff in the first place, so I don't know if that's fixed. But seriously, thanks to everyone for the assistance.
As was mentioned the 0645 is CE complient for Europe and yes the plastic piece is to prevent plugging them into a 240v outlet.You can buy these directly from WBT USA (this is Kimber as they are the importer) call 1-801-621-1500 they have all the WBT products.