What is the SQ difference between these various signal paths

I have a system as follows: McIntosh D150 pre-amp, Ayre MXR monos, Vandersteen 5As, audioquest cabling.  There is only one source, Tidal.  I stream music from my laptop, via airplay to an Airport express which goes via toslink into the Mac preamp.  I also stream directly from my MacBook Air via usb to the preamp, cable stretching messily across the room, when I want to listen to hi res music. As far as i am aware, Apple does not support hi res music via airplay.  I am now considering a music streamer directly to the preamp.  Does anyone know the SQ differences would be with these different signal paths?  Thx!
I would go with a streamer.
Less jitters than steaming  from a laptop computer.
Be sure it is MQA rated for Tidal 
There are many  Streamers  in the market.Take you time and ask questions.
The app. (ios or android) and the remote  of the streamer are important.
The interconnects  will add to the total cost