What is the speaker cable for my system?

I have 5.1 Paradigm signature S8, s4, c5 and servo sub. Can anyone tell me what brand the speaker best cable is? I like all kind of music jazz, pop and rock and country music. Thank you for your advices?
I think your question is a bit vague.
Do you like the sound of your present system ?, which things sound wise would you like to change ?
I have a anthem system. I like the natural sound. The reason i want to change my speaker cable because i do not have good cable. I am using very cheap speaker wire from monster cable $1.00/foot. I try to have the speaker cable about $500 - $2500/ pair.
You have to listen to speaker cable in your system with your speakers and your electronics. I recommend you call The Cable Company, tell them about your system and find out what has worked out for their other customers with a system like yours.

I also recommend you try Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerators along with what ever else they may recommend. After that you'll know what your paying for.

Good luck and Happy Holidays.
Purist Audio ,Museaus has worked well enough for me ,that I stopped searching for speaker cables,,or ICs.They seem to do everything well,very well balanced,,also not too costly ,,esp,used!Ive used them with Paradigm Studio 100s and Harmonic Precision Caravelles.Ray
Thank you so much for your inputs. Happy New Year to all.