what is the sound like on a levinson 336

First Iwould like to thank everybody for all the help and advice. Thank you
I would like to know what kind of sound the levinson 336 amp will have through areial 10-t speakers?

I am also looking at the Mcintosh mc501 mono blocks. I would like to know what kind of sound i can expect driving the 10-ts?

The reason I ask is because there is no high end dealers in the Cleveland Ohio area.
Ounce again thank you every body for you help.

I had 10t's and demo'd a 336 with them a few years back.
At the time frontend was BAT VK50SE and BAT VKD5SE CD player.

IMHO the 336 was a good match. Lots of detail without being bright. As with most Levinson amps, excellent Bass control.

I liked the 10t's enough to buy the 20t's. I biamp them with a 336 on the woofers and 33H monos up top. Excellent!

As to the new McIntosh Monos, I've heard them on Aerial 9's and I thought the sound was excellent. Lots of air, plenty of oomph! On louder full orchestral passages nothing was lost and no smearing. Sometimes lesser amps do not fare well with full-range classical, this was not the case with the new 501 monos.


Paul :-)
I love my 501's driving Thiel 3.6. Can't compare to the Lev 336. Paul described them best.
dont you have audio craft in mayfield heights? they used to sell mcintosh.or did they go out of business like hoffmans?
thanks timperry

i will be testing a mac.mc402 in my house this weekend. audio craft in westlake is leting me use a demo. it is realy hard to check out equipment in cleveland.

thanks russ
If you go to the $20K+ forum at AVSForum, there's a guy there in Canada who is demoing a 336 in his system against his 602. Maybe you could pm him about his thoughts. I love my MC 352 and would like to bridge it with a second one, but this other guy seems to prefer the ML.