What is the sound level of Your Listening Room?

I am curious about what the sound level is at your listening position with your system turned off. I have checked mine and during the day it is about 43 dB and at 1:00 a.m. it can be as low as 28. I can improve the daytime level to 35 dB by turning off the refrigerators and air conditioner. What have you done to improve the sound level of your room?

I am considering adding a listening room to the back of my garage (wife is on board because she needs more storage space) and if you have made improvements that have reduced your ambient noise, please share them.
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@douglas_schroeder , irrelevant? I have news for you, noise is noise whatever the source. But, fortunately our brains can only pay attention to the loudest noise. It is called Masking. People who have tinnitus which bothers them at night will run a droning fan in the bedroom. It will mask their tinnitus. Listen to the background noise on a record between songs. It disappears once the music starts. It is being masked by the music. Unless you have jackhammers in your listening room any noise in the house, refrigerators, air conditioners, your kids, all of it disappears once the music starts playing. If you hear something just turn up the volume.
Having an absolutely quiet room would be nice, certainly could not hurt. But, it is not mandatory for the best performance. Look at all these people who prefer vinyl. It is horrendously noisy compared to digital. The noise doesn't seem to dampen their enthusiasm.
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Most of the music will be above the noise floor, so yes, in that regard you are right. You will not hear the fridge, air conditioner, etc….BUT, there will be passages that fall below the noise of those item and it will be masked. I want to hear all of the music with as much of the fine details as possible.
...high '20s' to mid '30's, but in town.  Traffic dies off at night.  Next to rails, so occasional 'loudnesses' beyond control....
...sounds of Industry, all that....*s*

No 'real close' neighbors, so dB is what I'd care to do.

Source: 'Live' calibrated into R/T eq display...

Space itself is....'tolerable'.....most 'noise floor' is just the sound of 'things'....Multiple 'puters, light racket....
MC, re 6/10 2:40pm......

Lets' see....sensorydep, exposure to musics in an padded cell, the only main furnishings is a highly exotic collection of 'devices' designed to make one 'hallucinate' the recorded record of an 'event'.....?

...explains a lot. ;)

Happy Stunday, J