What is the sonic differences between Manley and..

What is the sonic differences between Manley amps and VTL amps?????
i've had both in my house, and the vtl seemed to be less tubelike...in a good way, like mac.....the manley sounded rolled off in the upper regions and fat in the upper bass. the vtl was more linear, with a pretty solid bass.
Which models? Which year?

Since the split, both companies have been evolving but both can take pride in quality products. You just can't compare a 300B to the Snappers or those to the Wotan.
Ngjockey...just the "family" sound if possible? Perhaps....VTL 450 vs Manley 300???
Also if you can hear a VTL somehwere they are all supposed to sound the same just more power.So if there is a place where you can hear new or used VTL model unlike some other companies the sound is very consitent between models you just get more power if you got chance listen even to the 85 wat you'd get aidea of harmonics of big un's.Also seems to me at least in used amrket you can get more power for the dollar using VTL's while Manley is more expensive.
Okay, now we got a starting point.

Both companies have done a lot of work on output transformers since the late 90's and those really dictate the sound. The newer Neo-classics are more than just an evolution just as the Siegfrieds are for VTL.

Before that, differences are much less than switching to triode. The reason for that is that both companies have tried to remain consistent with David Manley's origional sound (just the right amount of distortion). Both are optimized for 5 ohm loads and both aren't followers of the lush, euphonic tube sound although they do sound more "organic" than solid state. I would describe the soundstages similar as well, being both wide and slightly forward but stable. In the heavyweight class, both have good punch, espescially later versions. The Neo's might have a bit more finesse while the Signatures are a little more dynamic. It's like comparing 6550's to KT88's. If I'm sounding vague, it's because I've never had the opportunity to compare them head to head or even in the same system. There are so many variables with tubes that heresay is useless.

Earlier Manley's had slope/feedback controls that allowed tailoring to the speakers. Before that and the split, VTL did all the commercial designs while Manley focused on pro gear. Still, the bulk of Manley's income is from studio equipment but has become diversified. There are some interesting older pieces like the Ichibans which were designed specifically for triode operation.

Either VTL or Manley would be a good choice for IRS speakers and just be happy that you have a wonderful system. Both have enviable service records and support.