What is the Silliest Accessory You Have Ever Seen.

I was flipping through the accessory pages at the Cable Company and came up with this https://www.thecableco.com/hallograph.html You have to be kidding me. Of all the dumb, idiotic, profoundly stupid things I have ever seen. The marketing is even better! Have you seen anything worse! It is up to us to uncover these things for what they are, SCAMS.

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"He has never ridiculed or insulted anyone, but has always shown kindness and understanding."
Never say never.
"Btw, whatever happened to Geof Kait?"
Little clock continues ticking.
There are a tremendous number o these things that actually degrade the sound a little or a lot and when they do change the sound make sure it is musically meaningful not just a change you have to keep an open mind and listen but some are just plain money makers aka no good.
Don't ask...he might come back!  

He won't. I made sure of that.
Is this one of those Beetlejuice things?
Geoff Kait, Geoff Kait, Geoff ....