What Is The Right Next Step

Ok - I have about a $1500 budget to either upgrade my existing cartridge or upgrade my existing phono stage.

Current system consists of the following:

Classe SSP-800
Classe CA-5100
Classe CDT-300
VPI Classic 1
Dynavector 10x5
PS Audio GCPH (RCA In / XLR Out)
Thiel MCS1 (LCR)
All Cabling Nordost

If I go down the path of phono stage then one of my requirements is that it have XLR out since I just got done investing in new Nordost Heimdall cabling into and out of the phono stage.

I have read a lot of good things about the Soundsmith Zephyr and am seriously contemplating it but don't want to over-invest in the cartridge if I'm not going to hear the investment out of my PS Audio GCPH.

The same holds true in reverse.

So conundrum encountered and I'm very interested to hear options!

Thanks in advance.