What is the resistor wattage used in the Dared VP-845?

Hi guys, i just got a used Dared VP-845. Currently itching to upgrade the parts including the resistors to Takman but i am unsure of the wattage value. Takman is only up to 1 watt. Is this value enough?
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Those could be 2 watts.  Green KOA Speer (i.e. Kiwame) or MIlls 5 watts are good alternatives. Mills are cleaner/leaner.

Watch spacing to other parts! :)


Erik, then i cannot use Takman. Then no other choice but to use Kiwame. Thanks.

I'm not sure what those resistors are actually, that was just a "might" be.

It's also important to pay attention to resistors which are fusible or flame proof as replacements should match if specified.


double the R value and parallel two 1 watt resistors to get a 2 watter...