What is the reality of USB and High Sampling Rates

Here is some information that I found on a Website. Thought that I would share it:
An Introduction to Computer Audio
USB Audio Devices can use USB 1 or USB 2 but all conform to the USB Audio Class 1 specs. USB Audio Class 1 supports resolutions up to 24 bits/96 kHz. All operating Systems (Win,OSX,Linux) support USB Audio Class 1 natively. Alot of USB DAC's are limited to 16 bit 32/44.1/48 kHz. This is obviously not a limitation of the USB Audio Class 1 Driver but a matter of a cheap Hardware solution. The more expensive models support the full Audio Class 1 Standard. Very few support the Sample Rates 176 and 192kHz because this requires the development of a custom USB Audio Driver. The Final Specs. for USB Audio 2.0 were released early (2009). USB Audio Class 2 now supports 176 and 192 kHz. At this moment (August 2010) USB Audio 2 is available in OSX 10.6.4 and Linux. It is unclear if Microsoft is going to support USB Audio 2.
Not my words guys. Any comments?
You are really focused on USB audio. It's evolving fast. Digital music is on the move. ;)
What's the problem with using drivers? Presently some of the best USB and Firewire solutions use them.
I will take a stab at this 4est. It is not an opinion I share by the way, because I am pretty much ignorant of PC Audio. I will keep on trying to learn. I think that what the Website was saying is that there is nothing wrong with USB,USB 2.0, or USB Class 1 or 2 Drivers and Digital Audio. The point was that it was the implementation (or lack thereof) of Manufacturers for USB Converters/USB Input DAC's to develop the proper Drivers for their Devices. Lower Sampling Rates mean cheaper manufacturing costs for cheaper Drivers, USB and its associated Standards for required Drivers are not the limiting factor. I may be inexperienced, but I know of atleast one High End Manufacturer using the limitations of USB as an excuse for the low Sampling Rate of their USB Input on their DAC. It even includes a 24/196 DAC with 24/96 upsampling. The other Digital Inputs, SPDIF-AES/EBU, can handle the higher Sampling Rates. Only their USB Input can only handle 16/44.1. They blame it on the limitations of USB.
I don't know who is telling the truth. I would like to hear some Input as to which one it is. I just know that it can't be both.
This is interesting. It means my Mac Mini running the latest OS/X is capable of 24/196 USB output. But who is making a USB Audio Class 2 DAC? Anyone knows?
I don't know. There is a rumor that some Mac's come with Class 2 Drivers already installed. I don't have a Mac, so I plead ignorance. If it can handle 24/196 across its USB Input, the DAC must have a Class 2 Input. Class 1 is 24/96. The issue is the lack of Class 1, Class 2 Drivers on the PC side. Some Manufacturers of USB Converters and USB Input DAC's, aren't producing true 24/96 PC Class 1 Drivers to go with their Equipment. The Manufacturing costs are much cheaper to produce a Driver that outputs only 16/44.1. They then blame it on the non-existent limitations of USB. I believe that is the point of this Website, I can't say for sure either way. I was hoping for some clarification. Again, what is the reality of USB and High Sampling Rates? This Novice would like to know.