What is the rating of KEF LS3/5A?

I own a pair of this KEF LS3/5A SE and like the sound very much. Do you think this loudspeaker still consider great since there is so many minimonitors coming up?
I have a pair of Rogers LS3/5A's in a system for my Wife and think that they are very musical. No they may not be the last work in some aspects of their performance anymore compared to say the ProAc Tablet or even the cheap but wonderful Sound Dynamics RTS 3, but they sound great, very good at vanishing and giving you a nice image and the sound of music(not the musical). They do have a hump in the bass to make it sound like they go deeper than they do, but so what? We run these with an old Naim Nate and a NAD CD player. I think it is still a classic. Perhaps they are a bit retro now and retro is hip theses days. "Oh Baby"!
Keep the KEFs. They are wonderful. Avoid the several mistakes people make with this speaker. Don't overdrive it by placing it in too large of a room as it is a near field monitor and pair it with very decent equipment.