what is the quietest air pump for my ET-2 ?

I am using a High Blow HP-40 air pump for my Eminent Technology 2. I do have a 15m pipe to put the air pump in another room. As i do not like to close the door all the time I am looking for a quiter air pump. Any suggestion? Thanks.
Maybe you can ask here: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?vaslt&1097358102&read&keyw&zzsimon%20yorke
thanks Perrew but the link doesn´t work or is incomplete, may I ask you to repeat the link. many thanks
Strange it worked for me

otherwise search for Simon Yorke on System and then pick the system called Northern Lights.
ok - got it now. Big machine but looks good. The question is are you able to run it the same room . I will ask Nortern Lights. Thanks Perrew
Im not sure but I think he might have some valuable inputs.
I have utilized several compressors for my maplenoll. I now use a JUNAIR compressor that is pretty quiet but i could hear it if it was in the same room. I put it in a closet and i can not hear it. Junair also sells a compressor that is encased in a sound insulated case that you can not hear but its a little pricey. Not sure of the pressure a et2 takes so depending on the pressure, there might be many alternatives. If you look on my maplenoll string, there are several references to compressors particularly WISA superquiet and others.
Oilmanmojo, yes this is a good recommendation. A friend of mine told me about the Troll from Junair and I ordered one yesterday. It should be very quiet. Nevertheless I do think I have to build a sound insulated case.
I have a Sil-Air compressor that came with a Kuzma Airline I bought a month and a half ago.

It's very quiet and probably could run in the same room as your equipment. I chose to have it running in an adjacent room, however.

Ckniker, I use the Kuzma Airline too and also the Sil-Air Compressor. Nevertheless one has to run the Sil Air Compressor in another room (I do so too)because every 8 minutes you hear a sharp sound (zzsch) when the air echausts. People told me that the Jun-Air Troll/Minor 3-4 should be even better than the Sil Air.
Even pumps marketed as whisper quiet typically have >30db noise. I don't know what pressure/flow rate the ET arm requires, but but if you are getting by with a low pressure pump, there is no reason to add the complexity, condensation issues, and expense of compressors. You might try the pump in an insulated & vented wood box. I cut noise of my 30db Rena 400 air pump in half by encasing the pump in a carapace of soft modeling clay, and placing pump and flow tank inside a plywood box insulated with several layers of cut-up acoustic ceiling tiles.
I used a rena pump (aquarium pump) to float my platter on my maplenoll. Its a pretty low pressure unit. it is however very quiet and if you can get away with the low pressure, is a great unit. Now that I went with the large platter 90 lbs, i need more pressure than the rena could generate. it develops about 4 to 6 psig.
I now received the Junair. This is a nearly noiseless compressor, you only hear air breathing... really! I do use in my listening room driving the Eminent Technology 2 and 2,5. You see a pic on my system site.
I also found two other solutions, one is an Ekon Air system which is a big compressor coming with a noise dampening box and the other one is a Japanese High-Blow fish tank pump also using the big dampening box and providing continous streaming flow.