What is the protocol here?

I purchased a record here on June 30 and promptly paid via PayPal. I sent a message to the seller to notify me when it shipped. This seller has stellar feedback.  I assumed the LP would ship the next day which was Monday July 1. It did not. On Tuesday morning I received a message saying the seller would be out of town for more than a week and he would either ship then or issue a refund that day.  I guess the seller had already left because my message(s) have gone unanswered.  I specifically said if it was only going to be a little over a week, then I would wait, otherwise to send a refund now.   There was no response.  It is now July 14 and still no communication.  

I am mostly irritated because the person selling the item should have stated in the ad that shipping would be delayed.  I purchased the item within an hour that the ad posted.  Am I being unreasonable here and do you agree the seller should have been up front from the start?
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if we all lived in a perfect world, then you would have the item that you paid for by now.....but as you know, we dont live in a perfect world.

is there a lack of communication on this....sure there is, and maybe the seller had to leave at the last minute and didnt have time to send an email out saying that shipping would be delayed.     we have your side of the story, but I am sure that the seller has a good reason as to why the item hasnt shipped yet.

I recently paid for something and was told that it would take around 4 weeks for it to be built and shipped to me....guess what, its still not here.  is it the end of the world --- not really.   it will be here when it gets here.       i have more important things to worry about on a day to day basis vs whether an item is here or not.    

if you want.....get audiogon involved as Tammy or any of the other people that work here can send him a message  and see why shipping has been delayed.
This seller has stellar feedback.

Had. You will see to that. And that my friend is the protocol.
You are not being unreasonable. It would sure piss me off!

I assume you knew beforehand that it would be 4 weeks. Had I known that up front, I wouldn’t be annoyed. I paid in full for my GE Triton Ref speakers back in January 2017 and was told a 3 month wait. Well, I waited 6 1/2 months and was not upset at all because the dealer kept me informed of the delay. This is totally different.

I knew about the 4 weeks....BUT we have now gone passed that time....but like I said, I am not going to worry about it.    it will get here when it gets here.           

  I dont know what is going on at his end of things....as there could be issues at work , home, etc....and this is the point I am trying to bring to you as yes the item you paid for should have been there already....but maybe something happened and he had to leave quickly and didnt have time to let you know.  

Stuff happens however the seller had a duty to let you know about any shipping delays up front.If i were buying something and was told of a 2 week delay i certainly would have passed.
UPDATE:  I still have not received the record.  I paid for it on June30th.   Last week the seller refunded my $4.00 shipping charge and said he would be gone for a few more days.  He said as soon as he got back, he would ship the record.  This was ONLY after I sent 5 emails and he finally answered one of them.  That was 7 days ago and still waiting. 
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The problem is the record is out of print and it truly is in mint condition. I have asked him on 5 different occasions on what date he expects to be back. His "a few days" turns into weeks. I am trying to give the benefit of the doubt as I really want the record and don’t want to give him negative feedback either. If anything, after I get the record, I will send him a personal message telling him why I am not giving him feedback so as not to harm him.   This is SO frustrating!
The seller is obviously in the wrong. I agree with viridian. Another lp will come along eventually. 
Threaten him with negative feedback and see what he says...
No record is worth this big hassle.Cut your loses and move on.
No record is worth this big hassle.Cut your loses and move on
Agreed. Move on. Unless you really enjoy managing conflicts.
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I have decided that if I don't hear from the guy, on Monday (it will be a month) I will not only speak with PayPal but also Tammy here in Customer support.  His ad should have specifically stated that he would be traveling for an entire month.  I wouldn't have bothered to buy it.

I looked for 2 years for this particular record in mint shape and that is why I am trying very hard to be patient.  I am afraid if I start the refund ball rolling, he will the next day tell me he is back and ready to ship.  That would really not make my day.
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