What is the order of power cord priority?

I have never had seperates before. Now I'm moving to SET seperates. I presently have two Harmonix Studio Masters. One of my cdp and the other on my tube integrated. I cannot spring for the $$ for even used Harmonix. Where should these two babies go? Third recommendation for the one I will need to purchase?
Sorry to say - but if your house's electrical network is not up to standard it won't help using expensive power cables. Rather upgrade your interconnects or someting else...

Kind regards,
Dewald Visser
I'd use the Harmonix on cdp and pre-amp.
Power cords do make a difference on power amps but I would think you would get most benefit on the first two links of the chain, so to speak.
Since you don't mention the make of the SET amps?
best ask advice from people who have the amps you intend
using re the best power cords for them.
IME they should go on CDP and preamp.
That's how I thought it should be, as well.
I agree with Tobias and Warrenh, first on cdp and preamp.
Also a good pc needed for a power distributor or power conditioner, maybe the 3d in order.
Assumed the mains were sorted.
Have to agree with Dewald re mains but disagree re upgrading i/c's etc - if the mains is not sorted you are wasting money on i/c's, speaker cables.
However even with crap mains, power cords/conditioners will bring a far greater gain than fooling with signal cables.