What is the name of your system?

I use names sometimes for my vehicles and my audio systems I built.

Lab system -- The killer Bees:

B&W 201i -- miniature bookshelves (killer bees)
Realistic STA 2100 receiver
Pioneer F407 file 25 CD-changer
Pioneer PL-L30 linear tracking compact automatic turntable with AudioTechica ATN92 p-mount cartridge

Bedroom system -- Uncle Sans’

JBL 4311 studio monitors on custom made speaker stands (last thing my dad built for me before farewell)
Sansui 8080db receiver (the uncle)
Pioneer PL-L1000 linear tracking fully auto turntable with Ortofon OM10 standard mount cartridge.
iPhone 4 is digital source with 16g of music used as pretty much iPod.

Long Live The QUEEN!

Thorens TD160 all original/ATN144/ATN140 cartridge/needle (my Queen)
Lenovo Q190 with 500gB SSD drive, Windows 7 enterprise and Mytek software; used as streamer and back-up secure server!

Mytek 192 dac-preamp
Musical Fidelity X-LPS MM/MC phono
Sunfire 300 -- simply adorable monster!
Aerial 10T spiked to concrete floor
AKG K240 600 Ohms ear speakers.
Kimber 4TC bulk speaker wire over all 4 binding posts with original jumpers removed. This configuration often called shotgun bi-wire where I used single wire runs to the top binding posts and the rest of wires twisted into the lower binding posts.
Mogami Silver XLR between preamp and Sunfire
Ortofon Silver RCA cable between phono and preamp made in Japan (made in 90’s i believe).
Persian rag from camelwool covers my back wall and black/white bi-color chess curtains cover my windows.

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p.s. my FJ-cruiser is Black Raven.
Once in a while it tells me I can call it Al.
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Basement system
Living room system
Office system
My car
Her car
@mikelavigne , meaning 18-wheeler?

meaning 18-wheeler?

never thought of it that (18-wheeler) way. i just seem to refer to it that (the big rig) way when i post sometimes without really thinking about it. so when you asked about a name, that is what came to mind.
What is the name of your system?
Are you f^&$% kidding???
joey, keep on truckin'
your cowgirl your buddy fkn'

I often thought of forming an audio system based on alphabet letter.  My current system consists of a Tandberg 3012 integrated and Thorens TD 125 mk II turntable.  I guess I should get a pair of Thiels, Tannoys, or Tyler speakers, then maybe get rid of my Creek CAS3140 tuner in lieu of a Tandberg or Technics tuner - we'll call it the Mr. T system.  Wait, I need to nix my Oppo cd player for a Theta and my Kyocera cassette deck in place of a Teac?

Right now, it's "the Leaks" since I usually call my system by the name of the power amp.

Although when I had a cheapo NAD/Hafler system, I called it "the Maggies".So sometimes it gets named for the speakers. 
Sounds like you name it after your favorite piece (of equipment).  I'll call mine Jennifer then :)
OK, Make sure that living Jennifer not jealous. 
What is the name of your system?
Are you f^&$% kidding???

I totally agree... which is why I just named my system :     Heaven and Hell!
I think that many of us could all call our systems "Insatiable" in that we're never satisfied with them
I don't have a name for it,  but it is my sanctuary.......I escape there often
My listening room is called The James Coburn Memorial Listening Room.
My wife calls my system .... the mistress
We call my new Spatial X2 speakers the Grandpappies.  I had Spatial M1 Turbos, and considered buying the M3 Triodes as "Pappies" to the M1s.  Then I chucked reasonability out the window and splurged on the X2s.  My ladyfriend dubbed them Grandpappies, and it stuck.
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Name your stereo system, that's just silly. I do,however, have a 7/16" wrench named Humphrey !!!!!
The Crippler. As in financially. 
The Best.
I regularly tell my wife, "This is The Best audio system I have built."

She usually approves of the name. When she listens, rarely, she says, "Yes, this is The Best system." 

Self-evident, I guess. ;)
Mine is named Aric because every few days I'm always changing something on the Aric Audio amp.Switching out tubes,tweaking the gain or feedback,or something. "What can we try differently today Aric?" Audio geek fun:)