What is the name of your system.

I can see that most of us care a lot about our stereo like after our own children. Our children all have names but what about our audios?

My system is called Stereologue 2.1a
2.1a means a version number(code)
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I call it my vice..my wife calls it "turn the SOB down"
The monster.
i typically refer to mine as the stereo. sometimes the system. occasionally i call it john jacob jingle heimer schmidt.
hey, john jacob jingleheimer schmidt! that's my name, too!

The Rig
The stereo
In relation to the room and its purpose, I simply refer to mine as -

The Decompression Chamber
My music system
Mine is either referred to as simply “the rig” or including its room it is known as “my/the underground lair”.
Relief, or john jacob jingleheimer schmidt.....but that is cornfed's name too. :~) Doug
No one has yet named the entire system. However my wife has taken it upon herself to begin assigning names to certain specific components within the system. My BAT 150SE amps are referred to as "those tooby things" and my Dunlavy SC VI's are referred to as "a couple of Stonehedge remnants awaiting the arrival of the Druids to celebrate the summer or winter solstice".
Stonehenge.. hahah... i can relate.

Just picked up a transport last week. The face looks like it is carved out of rock but is really Corian (sp ??? ). My girlfriend referred to it as "the CD player that the Flintstones used to own" : )

Since my girlfriend relates best to speakers (they are the largest component and most varied in terms of looks ), she knows what models i have by name and location. With that in mind, we used to simply refer to which speaker was in the system and we could communicate if there was a problem or something needed attention, etc... The only problem is that i sometimes rotate speakers / try out various models in different places / break out some of the "spares" for occasional use, etc.... To keep things simple, we ended up refering to what room they are in i.e. living room system, computer room system, bedroom system, basement system, etc... This has worked out much better for us since the rooms never change even though the components might : ) Sean
I call it "the Golem", a dealer friend called it a "wierd ass system" and it is.
Like Sean, I just refer to 'em as rooms. Actually, I kind of refer to all the various components as "gear" whether it be a a pair of headphones or an amplifier. It's all gear that makes music. The gear in the family room, gear in the bedroom, etc.. Since most people think my hobby is bizarre, I find if you walk around looking pensive and mumbling to yourself people will think you're eccentric rather than insane.
We have always called it "Mother." I used to remember why.
I too use "the rig"; however, this is also how I refer to my manhood.
I usually refer to it as "the reference system" or "the Krell". I am sure my wife thinks of it as "the money pit" or "the boat" since I could only afford one. Sometimes we refer to the room it is in like they say "the Theater" but I say "the listening room".
My friends like to gamble a lot and refer to their habits as their whore. According them, everyone has a whore, a term which stands for a hobby or a habit that constantly drain your wallet. Since I don't gamble, they refer to my system as my whore.
when i was putting together my first audio system, i put down several on paper. one was called badassmofo, one was called supabad, and one was called samuel l jackson (ie the pinnacle of bad). this system, which i've worked up to, is samuel l jackson.
SR#19. This means Stereo Rig #19. I started out at SR#1 and have made 19 significant up-grades since to arrive at SR#19. Many minor tweaks were not considered significant, but eg, addition of a dedicated AC system was. Cheers. Craig
I haven't named mine, but I used to call a buddies system "Sea Cliff West" (he lived in Jersey)...