What Is The Most Romantic Song That You Have Ever Listen To?

Name the most romantic songs1.BEAUTIFUL WORDS [ a romantic song https://youtu.be/GfkBL3ChE98
“Touch me I’m sick.” Mudhoney 

I kid.

Lori McKenna “All these things.”  👍🏻 
Great topic... I’ll add these:

You Must Believe in Spring -  ( Legrand & Bergman ) Tierney Sutton has made a beautiful version of this.

Long Ago and Far Away - ( Kern and Gershwin ) - Jo Stafford

Every Time We Say Goodbye - ( Porter ) - Ella Fitzgerald

Little Prayer - Dave Catney and Sandra Dudley 

“Don’t give up” - Peter Gabriel
How about "Extreme-More than words"?

There are so many, but two that come to mind are Gato Barbieri's Europa, and Van Morrison's Wild Honey