What is the most memorable concert that you had attended so far?


I do not go to concert very often, maybe once or twice a year.

I listen to music mostly through my audio system as much as 4 hours a day.

The most memorable concert that I had attended is the solo recital by Nathan Milstein held at Auditorium of UC Berkely on 1983.

He is one of the virtuoso violinist of the 20th century.

But he was 79 when he played at the recital on 1983.

When he played Partita by Bach, it was not his best.

Although he showed some of his skills, he could not keep up with the fast tempo as much as I wanted.

But as soon as he started playing "
César Franck, Violin Sonata in A Major.

I just marveled at the sweet sound of violin.

I could realize why he is one of the virtuoso violinist of the 20th century.

He died on 1992 so it is now impossible to attend his live recital again.

How about you ladies and gentlemen?

What is the most memorable concert that you had attended?
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@ lhasaguy

It would be really nice to have been Allman Bros Band concert.

Also you did not miss the train even after enjoying the last song.

I wish I had been there too.
Just put on The Tubes - "What do you Want From Live" 2LP Live record. Brings back great memories of seeing the Tubes on tour shortly after this album was released. Seriously, maybe the craziest live show I ever saw. Was an incredible experience for a young farm kid from KY.

It must feel good to attend The Tubes concert after farm kid from KY.

It is always fun to attend live concert.
I have been lucky to see a number of really great shows over the years but I show that was (and is as they are still touring and I was fortunate to see them two nights in a row last year) undoubtedly the most amazing live experience I've ever seen is Sigur Ros. I saw them the first time for their untitled album ( ). I went with very low expectations as I loved them on record but was having a hard time figuring out how it was going to transpose live but was utterly floored. About 12 spontaneous standing ovations from the crowd, the hair on my neck and arms stood on end about 10 times and at one point I looked across the aisle and the gal across from me was bawling her eyes out. People often liken it to a spiritual experience but they are NOT a religious band. It is just a simply indescribable and amazing show. I highly recommend. 
I saw Russian pianist Elisabeth Leonskaja (play Beethoven) in Paris, at the Theatre Champs Elysees. The location where riots broke out for Stravinsky’s ’Right of Spring’. I was up high in the balcony and the seats are so steep that I had a fear of heights.