What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?

Not the most expensive, not the best reviewed, not the biggest, but the most FUN.  You know, that ONE that just makes you throw on some more music and keep listening, the one that makes your toes tap, your head bob, your ass move the most.  The one that makes you think to yourself "damn, why doesn't everyone have a pair of these?" Let 'er rip. 
Great thread.

I think maybe we have so many "past" speakers is we just had more fun when we were young, I know I did.

I would say Silverline Sonatas. I had them for several years and they were very dynamic and easy to listen to.
If they would still be “the most fun” why have something else?  

Good question, and I have thought about this many times.  There is an argument to be made that the most fun speaker is the one you should keep.  I think for many responses including my own, it's a question of weighing fun factor (big bass, slam, warmth, etc) vs refinement.  Also there have been many responses of speakers with big woofers, maybe there are folks who no longer have room for large speakers.
I owned a pair of Klipsch Heresy's way back in 1981. Ran them through a Luxman Integrated Amp with a Nakamichi B2 cassette deck and a Denon turn table. First real system while in the Navy. They were GREAT party speakers. Every year in May we had a big beach party, rented a generator and had music. Sold them to a friend in 2005. I still hear them at his house every now and then. I have definitely upgraded, but everytime I see and hear them they bring back GREAT memories. 
Large Advents. I truly grew up with them! Still have a pair tucked way in original boxes.