What is the most expensive?

I thought it'd be fun to start a thread on the most expensive items in high-end audio. No regard should be given to quality, performance, or aesthetics. The only criteria is price.

I'll start off by mentioning the Karhma Grand Enigma (Enima) priced at $1M USD. Who's next?
I'll sell anything in my system for a million, now all I have to do is find a buyer!! Any takers???? the house is included ;) Not to mention a half a dozen call girls on the clock for the first year. Its a deal!! if anyone is interested let me know.
Gthrush: That's kind of like starting a poker game and putting in all your chips and saying--I have 4 aces, what have you got? Can't top that one--won't even try--and had no idea that Karhma made speakers at that price (my system seams so modest now).
Grand Enigma (Enima)indeed. Sounds like a Grand f*#^%>g to me.
FM Acoustics electronics -- most prices start @ ~30K per piece. But these pale by comparison to the Kharma...
I'll sell you my special Grand Enema power cable, 1/2 meter, for only $2 million. Note: Price does not include connectors. When used with my special Golden Shower Reference connectors ($1 million each), this power cable makes a powerful statement, easily outperforming power cables costing 2-3 times as much (which I also sell if you're interested). Of course, you must allow at least 20 years of break-in before it really opens up.
wow! makes it seem kinda insignificant to go out and buy a linn cd12 all of a sudden, doesn't it? i'll be back later . . . . .
how about a pair of diamond encrusted Grand Enigmas?
I would say the original gramophone by Thomas Edison, a museum piece, priceless.
Do you get a kiss with that screw?
Try this bit of "wretched excess"


just goes to prove that money can't buy everything.