What is the Meadowlark house sound?

I am thinking about buying some Kestrals or Ospreys.

What is thier house sound?
Ask Pat McGinty (if you can find him), I think it's halfway house. :))
That house is empty now.
Search the archives as there are many recommendations for Meadowlark speakers. Since the company is now defunct, used bargains are easy to find.
Or if he gets caught, it might be the "Big House".

Responses suggest Meadowlark went under. What gives? I've heard nothing.
Always liked Kestrals.
Very, very black background...
Timrhu- I think Meadowlark is still in business, perhaps you were thinking of Dunlavy?

Meadowlarks offer tremendously clean and clear sound. Very open and spacious. Midrange and treble is glare free and easy to listen to, but with the detail and clarity. Bass is where I have always found these smaller Meadowlarks to fall down. Lightweight and underwhelming considering the true transmission line bass loading. Would love to hear the larger models, as they probably do not disappoint in the low end.

Agree that bargains for a very, very good speaker can be had since the company's unfortunate demise.
The drivers appear to be off-the-shelf, so it should be possible to repair them. The cabinetwork is first-rate from what I've seen and almost stands on its own.

Besides that, I'll bet McGinty will re-organize, or form or join another company. "He's not dead, he's just resting." :-)

If you like the way they sound and find a pair at a good price - why not?
Clean, clear, non tiring, all of the music comes through.
My Blue Herron 2's are the most secure components in my system. They will not be on the block for many, many years.
Like Joe, I was unimpressed with the smaller Meadowlarks (like the Swifts) which sounded flat and unengaging. The Osprey's are where things get interesting; I've heard them with Cary tube amps and as I recall they lean somewhat to the rich/warm side, and are much more engaging.

My personal opinion, though, is that for the (retail, anyway) price there are more impressive offerings.

Just my two cents.

Sufentanil, I would agree that for the retail price there are more impressive offerings but I paid $900 for my Shearwater Hot Rods. Best bargain I've found, and belive me I look for bargains.
The Meadowlark speakers tend toward lively, detailed and fast, at least to my ears.
The Shearwater Hot Rods are SENSATIONAL. One of my favorite all time speakers.
Interesting posts. I have owned Kestral 2's (currently for sale) and now Ospreys. My impression is that these are very well balanced speakers and suitable for all types of music. I feel the Kestrals are a great speaker for a smaller room and did need some sub support. The Ospreys offer bigger sound and certainly dig deeper. Ospreys are 3 way also. Ok, I live 1 hour from the now defunct factory. I still find value in something hand made, one at a time in the US, especially my own state. This outsourcing overseas will bite us in the ass someday.
i've had kestral 2's for over 6 mos and used with 170 w/p/c NAD and currently a jolida int. tube amp. Yes,they do lack a bass punch at lower sound levels but pull together nicely at higher volume. the mids and highs are detailed and clear, almost dry with NAD but still very musical. imo these are a great value sonically and the style and finish are superb. these speakers do an awfully lot Right and hardly anything wrong for the $$$. not overly lush nor analytical. not too laid back and yet not too forward... you get the drift. the simple design and quality of these will hold up well over time i think.