What is the Mcintosh Sound & how does it compare ?

I have read many times, it's great stuff if you like ths Mcintosh sound ! I am looking at a Mac C220 & maybe a MC352. How does a C220 sound compared to a Audio Research SP 16 or Rogue 99 or Audible Illusions M3A ? Thanks gang !
extremely balanced...dare i say neutral. cleaner than clean power to spare.
thanks for the input. So I assume the Mac has very little signature compared to these other models.
ironically, tube owners tout the ss-like qualities of the mc...absolute control and neutrality....while the ss gear is said to be more mellow and tube-like than other ss brands. the arc is great, but a mac pair...ss, tubes, or a mix...is a destination set up for sure.....can get the best out of most loudspeakers, and never sound agressive or fatiguing.
My MC352 sound is detailed, musical with plenty of bass punch. However, It is fed by an ARC LS25MKII Pre with supertube. What you feed it, will obviously effect the direction of the sound.