What is the lowest LOMC you guys know of???

What cartridge do you guys know of, that has the lowest mv output. Just curious???
I guess the Denon 103, I think there are various models, someone else will have more specific info.
The Ortofon MC 5000 is about .140 mv or about half the output of the Denon. Not sure whether there's anything with a lower output, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is.
The lowest I had was the original Transfiguration cartridge, which was somewhere south of .15mv or something like that (did I get the decimal in the right place?). That was a notoriously low-output cartridge. Don't know among current offerings.
The WIN LABS had a .10 output and some of the Fidelity Research carts had a .12 output. The WIN is the lowest that I have ever seen...

The Audio Note IoLtd has an output voltage of 0.04 mV, weighs in at whopping 19g. and comes with it's OWN power supply. Anyone have experience with this cartirdge?
The lowest I've seen is the old Ortofon SL-15E, which has been quoted as 0.067 mV (1Khz 50 mm/sec) and the lowest I've owned is an old Micro Seiki LC-80W (0.082 mV)

This is exactly the reason why I started the thread. I was wondering if there are others that has lower output than the Ortofon SL 15E. I got one(actually an Ortofon SL 15E MK II) and the spec sheet says it has a 0.015mv output--This is not a typo the decimal is in the correct place.

It puzzles me because it sounds better than my other carts. that are 10x more expensive.
Whoa! How much gain do you need with a .015mv output?
hi justubes,

same experience i have - i use 2 mc , an audionote io2 0.06mv that bettered a dyna drt-vs 0.3mv in some key areas of bass attack/nimble, solidity/cohesivesness of image but loses on some details on the highs. the general explanation is that ultra low output use minimal windings allowing better response . curious about yr amplification -what is yr step-up or gain device before the phono stage?
From Denon it would be the DL-103M. 0.12mv output boron cantilever and elliptical stylus.

I just realized I misread/misundertood the post. I was thinking "cheapest" LOMC hence the Denon rec. I doubt it's the lowest though, sorry.
Hdm and Dcc

I am using a BAT VK-P10SE with Super Pac Phono Stage. I have it set up to the highest possible gain. I believe it's 79 db or 86db I have to check my manual. This Phono Stage will deliver what ever you ask her to do. It's one of the better ones out there. It's the best one I've ever owned. With the Ortofon SL 15E MK II and the BAT VK-P10SE super pac combination, I can hear things I have never heard with my (believe it or not) Shelter 901.
Dear justubes: Your phonopreamp has 79db gain through internal step-up transformers, it is not enough for a 0.015mv

I own the Ortofon MC 2000 that has 0.05mv.

Regards and enjoy the music.

If the gain on the phono stage is not enough, which one is giving us the wrong information?? The 79 db gain or the 0.015mv output??

I'm currently listening to it right now at about 90db. My preamp is at 9 oclock--6 0clock being zero.
Dear Justubes: The 0.015mv. Your 90db, 9 oclock confirm it.

I think the right number could be: 0.15mv, but who really knows.

Regards and enjoy the music.

A fellow from Vinyl Asylum did some calculations for me and the correct output is 0.075mv. It is still a very LOMC. I'm happy that thngs got staigthen up, I always thought it was 0.015mv.

Does that make sense?? 90 db at 9 oclock. I did more research and come up with 0.067mv output. Well, she sounds beautiful and that's what matters.


Ahhh...so we actually had the same cartridge in mind :)

I own an original SL-15E (aka S-15E), which according to Ortofon's own spec sheet (which I've uploaded here:- http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c147/ze_ant/orts15scan.jpg) has an output of 0.04 mV, which I guess takes the prize here...

I actually have the had the same cartridge
Ze_ant Defenitely this Ortofon SL 15E is not 0.015mv. I was told that I should mutiply that by 5 to get the correct output, which came out to be 0.075mv. So the specs should be correct. 0.04mv, 0.067mv or 0.075mv or there abouts. I find this cart. to be one of my favorite, it matches my JMW9 perfectly. For the price I paid for, how can you go wrong.