What is the first album you purchased, and do you still have it?

My record collection is my passion.  I started buying albums when I was in 9th grade.  I was hooked.  I don;t think I missed a weekend visit to the local record shop in the mall from the time I was 16 until I graduated college.  I still own those albums that I took so much care to choose..Just wondering if anyone else holds such memories dear and are sentimentally holding on to their old albums.  I still play them and enjoy them every bit as much as I did back in the day.
And my first album was Elton John...Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.  Sometimes I look at the covers and think, I have listened to these so much, I am jaded.  But I put them on and enjoy them as much as I ever did.
Hooker and Heat, yes I still have it and play it at least once a year. Had been buying just 45s prior, getting the radio hits as they came out and once I bought that album there was no looking back. By the way, I bought it as it was being released.
Sounds like one I might need to add to my collection! Glad to hear you are like me, still enjoying it after all these years.

I joined the Columbia Record Club when I was twelve. I had been buying 7" 45 RPM singles, but LP's were now of interest. You got a free LP when you joined the Club (the 1st one's free, kid ;-), and I picked Johnny Horton's Greatest Hits, which included "North To Alaska". I don't have the copy I received at the time, but an exact replacement.

After that it was The Ventures and other Surf bands (big with teenagers at the time), The Beach Boys, and Paul Revere & The Raiders. Everything changed with the English Invasion.

BTO- Not Fragile. No longer have it.
Schools Out .. Alice Cooper.

1972 brand new, first day released.
In England.
A starstruck 12 year old had saved from his Saturday job to buy his first full length album after a few used 45,s.

It did not disappoint!

No I do not still have it.
First concert....Stones.......1966
First album.....High Tide and Green Grass
Played it on a used console with a penny taped to the tonearm.  Two or three copies since then that I actually paid for.  Love the RS.
I believe that I too was in the 9th grade when I bought my first album, Connie Francis' "More Greatest Hits."  I still have it.  I haven't listened to it in ages, though, as during my adult years the majority of my listening has been to classical music.  But I think of it (and her) fondly.

-- Al 
Grand Funk Railroad / We're an american band

I do not have it. I was very proud of it though, took it around the neighborhood to show my friends LOL. Not sure what happened to it...    

Let Zep HOTH. I was 13 and so embarrassed like I was buying something naughty. I played it everyday after work for weeks. Still have it for 42 years
Age 12 - bought the Goldfinger soundtrack after seeing the movie in 1964. Played and enjoyed it on a GE console stereo. What a hot cover! Now long gone!
My second LP purchase soon after was the Dr. No soundtrack - soon after seeing that movie! How about that Ursula Andress - hot!
And the Thunderball soundtrack completed the trilogy!
Wishbone Ash, Just Testing 
I listened to it many times at a friend's house and while vacationing in New Orleans I found a used copy for a $1.00. I do not have the albumn but I do have it on CD. 

First CD ever, Kansas, Leftoverture. Yes so still have the same disc. 

“Buddy Holly”
Buddy Holly
Yup, and it’s still in my regular rotation. 
"Wheatfield Soul"The Guess Who1969My original copy mysteriously disappeared from my collection sometime in the mid to late seventies.There's an idea for a thread...."LPs gone missing."
I keep a list somewhere of the departed which numbers around fifteen or so. I've replaced some, others are still missed. Sniff.

@roberjerman- I think Goldfinger was my first album purchase too! For the same reason- saw the movie in the theatre as a kid. Shirley Bassey wailing " Gold Fffff-inga!" 
Love it.
Don’t have my copy either. Alas.
....and i did format my post above properly with spaces and new lines.
I didn't have a turntable as a kid, my parents had one, and got into tapes in my early teens, mostly Dead bootlegs. So my first album would have to be the first CD I bought, which I bought with no CD player to play it on. "Standard Time: The Resolution of Romance" Wynton Marsalis.

I wasn't even really into jazz at that point but the wine shop I worked in sold off some CDs for $1 each so I bought it. Great album and got me heavily into jazz and I still have it.
Jan and Dean - Drag City (circa 1963). Yes, still in my collection.
Bob Dylan - Desire. Still have it and every other album I’ve acquired over the years. 
@jond ,
That's such a sad story, no TT.

@lowrider57 well my parents had one which I used but by the time I really became interested in music all my friends had tapedecks and starting to get  CD players. And I got a TT later in life Rega P3 but never loved it.
Rubber Soul (U.S. version)
Still have it and it still sounds great (my old Shure tracked at 1g and now I have a line contact stylus at 1.7, so my guess is that the groove depth that the stylus travels now was never touched in my youth)
Probably my favorite album of all time.
Is it because it was my first or because there is not a bad note on the album? I think more the latter.
As for the OP's favorite GYBR. Still have that. In my top 20 of all time I'm sure.
" That's such a sad story, no TT." 
Child Abuse...
Good lord, probably either The Monkees or Meet The Beatles. No I don't still own them they were barely playable within a few years after I got them. 
Obviously my "abusive" childhood is the root cause of my addiction to and obsession with stereo equipment. :)
Pink Floyd, "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn"           mono vinyl and I still have it.  I purchased it from Muffets Music in Providence, RI because they sold import records....   I believe that was in 1966 or 67.
Billy - Billy Fury circa 1963 - bought when I was 10 - I still have it and it was played to death. Not sure why my parents allowed me to play it 10 times over in any one sitting escapes me! That's all I had - so had to make do.
The only comment my mother made was when she looked at the cover and remarked on his funny tooth. So no musical connection with her there.
I also used to go around record shops and listen to different versions of classical recordings. I remember being so frustrated regarding Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto until I came across a 99p version by Szeryng - and loved it and still have it too. With the help of ebay I have duplicated the same lps which have suffered less abuse, so I have a better listening experience of childhood days.
Parents are strange people. I have always loved the Beatles music,  but my father said he could not stand them, When asked why he replied .. "Because they have long hair". Well I suppose that is one way of judging music"!
Meet the Beatles, what a way to start. I still have it and play it still brings out the goosebumps.
I have my first 45 RPM single...

"Cheyenne/Home on the Range" by The Sons of the Pioneers.

Don't recall what my first LP was, but certain that I don't have it anymore.

Meet the Beatles, I remember waiting outside Tower records in Hollywood to get my copy. I still have it along with every Beatles album made......
Sting, "Dream of the Blue Turtles". I was 10 years old. Still have it and play it every now and then.
Side note - a few years later I lend it to a friend, who gave it back with the inner liner notes page all wrinkled. Ever since I do not lend any album or CD to anyone.
Deep Purple In Rock. Bought with lawn mowing money. With my father sending me reel to reels from overseas(he was in the Air Force) I found I liked the Deep Purple stuff he was sending me so I took a chance on In Rock. Didn't like it but still have it from over 50 years ago. I was very lucky to have a father who also sent me the Stones, Creedence, Santana, and so much more.
"Deep Purple - Machine Head." Seeing my purchase my sister's comment was, "There may be hope for you after all."

No longer have the album; it was stolen in a burglary. Do have it on CD. Which I'm going to play right now.
Elton John- Madman across the water. I bought it in 9th grade when it first came out.😁
45.... Association-Windy
LP....either Blue Cheer-Vincebus Eruptum or
MC5-Kick Out The Jams. Bought them around the same time.
Don’t have them anymore...
The year was 1964 and I was 9 years old when I got the Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass album, South of the Border. I played that album over and over. It was part of the reason (probably a big part) of why I became a trumpet player! I selected his song "Spanish Flea" to play for the non-technical part of my tryout used to select ranking in the 11th grade, high school concert band. Along with my other skills, it got me 1st chair, 1st trumpet that year! In addition, I played in the marching band, jazz band and even in the pit band for the high school musicals. It was a great start to a side profession. I am sure it is why I have such an interest in all types of audio equipment and have since then to this very day! I still have the album, although it is heavily worn, and I can even play every single track in order, in my head at any time. College was a big turning point for me, I had to choose between what I hoped would be a career as a professional musician or an electronics engineer. My parents said I should get "a real job" and become an electronics engineer and not become just another struggling musician. It took years for me to realize, I could do both! I still listen to Herb Alpert (both the old and new music) and saw him live in concert at The American Music Theatre in Lancaster County, Pa., along with his wife Lani Hall (from Sergio Mendez and Brazil '66 fame) just a few years back. 

Now for laughs, I will throw in a very strange a quirky musical side tale. Maynard Ferguson, another famous trumpet player and idol of mine (you might be seeing a pattern here) was giving a concert in the Reading, Pa. area many years back. I was at that concert. He fell and injured his foot. Long story short, they took him to a local doctor's office to have his foot x-rayed. The x-ray technician who photographed his foot, was the girl friend (soon to be future wife) of my good friend and office mate from AT&T, where we both worked at the time. I tried to get that x-ray (who wouldn't want such a quirky souvenir of a famous trumpet player?), but her ethics were admirably high and it never happened. Ha!
Pink Floyd - The Wall
bought in West Germany when it was released and still have it. Still has the clear vinyl sticker of the album title on the cover. 
Ray Charles--Modern Sounds In Country And Western, Vol. II
Still have it.
Too much time has past. Here are a few of my first lps that I still have

Iron Butterfly "Metamorphosis"
Rolling Stones "Goats Head Soup"
Black Sabbath "Paranoid"
CSN "The Yacht" cover lp
Chicago "V"

Now 45s are another story...…...
My first album was The Animals, it was their first album in 1964.  Lost years ago in a divorce.

The beginning of a long journey in rock and blues.   The above mentioned Hooker & Heat is still one of my all time favorites.
Jan and Dean, Little Old Lady From Pasadena. Before that only 75's. Extremely limited record collection meant you played your music many times over, strange to think playing the same songs over and over could be so entertaining. Doubtful I still have that album, bad tt's meant I ruined most of my old vinyl.
I made fun of @jond for not having a TT, but I didn’t have one until high school. In JHS I had a Panasonic tape recorder, first tape I bought was the Ventures "Walk Don’t Run." I loved surf music, even wore a surfer’s cross.

The first LP I bought was The Moody Blues "Every Good Boy..." Had to get it since the track "Procession" blew me away.
"All Summer Long," The Beach Boys.  I still have it but I'd be afraid to play it for fear of damaging my stylus.  I'm sure it was abused in the first few years of its existence.  I have some of the tracks on CD and still listen to them occasionally.
Can’t remember what came first. Either The Beatles “The Beatles” or CCR Green River. Bought the The Beatles LP with 11th birthday money at Ted’s Records & Hobbies in Montréal. Sold it with all the rest of my 900 discs about ten years ago. What an idiot to not keep a few of the great ones. Listening to the 50th anniversary edition on Tidal these last couple of weeks. Incredible detail. I miss the physical properties of the vinyl but am very happy with the ease and quality of hi-res streaming.
Al Green Still In Love With You
I guess I've blocked-out part of my childhood. I got my TT in high school, but my parents had a large console record player.
So my first record was "Meet the Beatles." It was kept in the built-in record holders with my parents' Perry Como and Ray Conniff singers.
Lost it long ago.

The Who, Live at Leeds. Still have it and it sounds great. 
My parents had a console stereo in the living room. I had 3 older sisters and I listened to their records. But the first record I bought, with my own money, came when I was in Junior High School.

Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band - "Bongo Rock" - I've listened to this record several hundred times. Was a passing fade back in the day. But their version of "Apache", from this album,  became the most sampled song ever.

Still have it and still listen to it about once a year.