What is the finest SACD's you ever heard?

Some SACD's sound so-so, Some are Out of this world. Which SACD's did you find to be the best of the best?
Weather Report - Heavy Weather
Santana - Abraxas (Black Magic Woman sounds great)
Bangles - Only one song is really well done, but that 1 is very good.
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
John Pizzarelli-Kisses in the Rain
Mahler Symphony #5, Zander, Philharmonia (Telarc)
SWING LIVE, Bucky Pizzarelli (Chesky)
The 'New Favorite' SACD by Alison Krause. I never found her other stuff very engaging, but this one pulled me in. The recording is superb and the mix sounds different than the CD layer. I don't know if that's my imagination or not.
Patricia Barber on Mobile Fidelity Hybrid SACD if you like her work these discs are as reel as it gets. Jacintha on the Groove Note label also Hybrid SACD is a great choice. Both artists are female jazz vocalists.
I finally broke down and picked up Modern Cool. I think it's the 3rd track,the piano really cought my attention. NEVER heard anything sound that good ever.
Flemke, I agree she takes you to another realm these MoFo discs are simply unreal. I have both modern cool and night club in SACD format and both are wonderful;well worth their price. I was a little reluctant to buy them since I already owned modern cool and cafe blue on rebook. But I decided to try night club on SACD since I didn't have that one. Well I was so blown away by the realism that I decided to buy modern cool in SACD format. I am extremely impressed with this disc as well. There is nothing quite like sitting down in my listening chair with a scotch or a glass of wine and letting Patricia take me to that special place.
I may buy another one. I also have Modern Cool,Night Club,and Cafe Blue on redbook.
If this is where digital audio is going,im in

Tony Overwater "OP". Turtle records. Hybrid cd/sacd.