What is the effective length of Basis Vector 4?

Can someone tell me what is the effective length of the Basis Vector 4 tonearm (the tonarm pivot to the turntable spindle)? I'm trying to mount one on an old Clearaudio Master Reference turntable and desperately needed the tonearm's measurement which surprisingly cannot be found anywhere on the web?! Thanks in advance for anyone who can advise me on this vital piece of information.
Tora...your best bet is to contact AJ Conti of Basis Audio to get Pivot to Spindle distance accurately. Shoot him an email and you will get an answer back usually in a few days. You can get just use the email contact info at the Basis Audio web site. Good luck.
Effective length = 239.0mm
Pivot-to-Spindle = 221.7mm

According to Dre it looks like the Vector's geometry is very close to a rega arm, which is what I had on my Basis 1400.

I was surprised as well on the lack of useful information on the web for the Vector 4 including the Basis website. Perhaps I wasn't searching hard enough.

It is the same as a Rega arm. Call Basis if you need help. The are very helpful.
Good advice from the above.

@ Tora, you asked about effective length but then added (in parentheses) the pivot-to-spindle dimension, as though they were the same thing. They're not. Make sure you know which is which... just sayin'. :-)