what is the ear/yoshino 509 jubilee power amps lik

i have a gnsc modded wadia 861se,townshend glastonbury 2 speakers,virtual dynamics master cable throughout.
dance and jazz funk in music
i have a chord electronics 1200c power amp now. what will the ear amps compare like?. is there a better amp for similar money?
things i look for are detail,3d spaciousness and bass definition and depth with punch
I don't know about the jubilee, but I owned 519's which were simply the rack mount version of the old 509's with PL509 output tubes (100 watts per channel). They were nice amps with a decent amount of power. However, no punch. They were way too laid back for me. My driver/gain tubes were all telefunkens and the outputs were USA (fairly cheap from tubesandmore.com). According to Tim DiParavcini, the us tubes would sound the same as the euro ones, the euro tubes just tend to last a little longer. Not worth the price to me.
Keep in mind that repairs on these are not easy nor cheap since they are quite rare and an odd design.
I think he is referring to the reissue of this amp so there would be no problems with repair