What is the Diffrence in these AC Receptacels

I am woundering what is the diffrence in these expensive AC Receptacles, alot of work. I read that it is clearly a must but which one.

1- One has install them, it can be expensive to have install by electrician
2- Expensive units $40.00 to $150 each
3- how do you A/B them
4- Why so many different types
5- Burn in time

I see some are Hospital grade/ some Cryo'd/ some resistent to chemicals/ Oxygen/ WOW...

I see that Oyaide have like 4 or 5 types , interesting

some to pick from

1- Tesla Plex
2- Furutech - has many choices
3- Porter Port 20A
4- Oyaide - Has so many choices
5- Hubbel , some inexpensive

maybe someone can explain in lamen terms how to choose one.

I have Tube mono Amps, Tube Pre & PS, Loricraft PS for TT, and Meitner SACD/Dac

Make life easy on yourself.
Go with the Porter Port 20A.
I received 3 of them on Fri. & it took me all of 20 minutes to install them all.
You can spend more or you can spen less, but these do the job very, very well.
There is a great deal of material posted on this subject in the "Tweak / DIY" forum over on the Audio Asylum.
You can install them yourself [ AFTER cutting off the power at the main switch and checking carefully]. I was surprised how much better the FIM 880s were than the "hospital grade"ones I had been using on dedicated lines. Continuity checkers are a few dollars. I used the FIM because I am a dealer for their products but there are many good ones. I suspect they all sound slightly different but any of them will give you better results than a standard one or a generic "hospital grade" one.
I know you didn't ask about PS Audio but they make a very nice receptacle as well. I use their Power Port Premier's with dedicated circuits and I am very happy with them mostly blacker background.

If you really want to be anal, buy a big outlet box and install multiple outlets. Then you can quickly try each. Have I done this? Of course not!

I have installed seven different outlets on my two dedicated circuits. You can do it yourself. Be certain to turn off the outlet and follow the instructions as to where each wire goes.

Outlets do make a big difference. I will not say what my preferences are as I know there is no consensus on anything in audio.