What is the difference in a 2 eye and 6 eye record

Was there any difference in quality of the pressings?
6 eye is an earlier pressing and, usually, superior. The last were pressed in 1962 when the change to 2 eye was made. Original 2 eye pressings tend to be excellent. If you have the choice of a 6 eye or a 2 eye of the same title go for the 6 eye.
Thanks for the info, I just bought a "Kind of Blue", M Davis 6 eye. In the mail:O)
If you want to get really fancy you can look for six-eye monos and six-eye stereos. red label with black eyes on the monos, inverted on the stereos. I'll second Narrod that the two-eyes are hit and miss and the later no-eyes and everything else are very hit and miss from a quality perspective. Its unfortunate too, because Columbia's recording facilities delivered some really great sounding records - Kind of Blue, Time Out, etc.
The Kind of Blue is red label, black eye stereo Cs 8163. I have several six eye grey labels, but don't remember now if they are stereo or mono or both.
What the heck are you people talking about?
The grey label is Columbia "Masterworks" used to issue Classical,Soundtracks and Original Cast.It was issued in most if not all permutations of the artwork.From the original solid through 6 eye/2 eye/red and various later labels.Mono and Stereo.
Honest1...Columbia produced vinyl lps that had labels with what is called 2 eye or six eye motifs in the 50's and 60's.

The grey label ones seem to all be MasterWorks albums.
Do they actually have 6 pictures of eyeballs on the label? That just sounds so strange.
Columbia logos. One just needs a little immagination. :O)
The "eyes" on the labels are actually microphones, but it looks kind of like an eye, hence the nickname. "Six-Eye" just has more of a ring to it than "Six-Mic" I guess. Eventually, CBS actually started using an eye as its logo instead for broadcasting - but the origin was still the rather abstract microphone logo.

Hi to Rloggie, from Chip up in San Francisco, too.
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History of the Columbia label can be found here:

The new Jacob Dylan album called "Seeing Things" has been issued by Columbia with a 6 eye label! Got a pretty good sound too, not to compare it to a 50's 6 eye. It is nice to look at though!
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