What is the difference between ProAc D25 and 2.5

I know ProAc 2.5 is older version of D25. Is there any big diffrerence? Thanks in advance.
Yes, the new D25 has superior drivers compared with the older 2.5. The sound is better in every area, especially transparency and dynamics. The 2.5 sounds a bit compressed and slightly rubbery (especially at louder levels) by comparison. Also the new model has better bass extension and control due to the new Volt driver and a floor-firing port. I am a ProAc dealer. Good luck.
I owned the 2.5 for two years and I am having a D25 in my house now.
If you have read the reviews on HI-Fi choice. I can tell you that it was a very precise review.
The D25 still sounds like the old Proac but is more revealing and a bit more neutral. It also has its mid range magic retained and a bit warm if your amp has it.
I think it sounds bigger than the 2.5 and fits a larger room, or it will sound bloomy.
I think the D25 is more of an audiophile speaker than a music speaker. It does need the upper source to match well before it will sound its best. It can be musical and yet very Hi-Fi.
I am using Audio Research and Jadis and found it matched well with both amps. I was also using thiel 2.4 and I think the D25 sounds more revealing than the thiel.
Lots of people are saying the D25 is sounding too bright or bloomy. Give it more time to run in and put a bit more effort on it. It is definitely more difficult to please than the 2.5 but hardwork will be rewarded in the end.