What is the difference between DCC and MFSL lp's?

I'm just getting into collecting these lp's, and I am wondering what the major differences are between the DCC and MFSL lp's. I've heard arguements for both and was just wondering what everyone else thinks. please let me know. thanks.
Based on a comparison of the original LP to its Gold CD reissue, DCC gets my vote for higher quality. DCC's Cream/Wheels of Fire is more vivid with a clearer, more lively rendition. Oddly, MFSL's Derek & the Dominoes/Layla is a disappointment and sounds more closed-in and lacks dynamic contrast. In MFSL's favor, Pink Floyd/DSOTM on vinyl sounds marginally less noisy and reveals slightly better presence than the garden variety LP.

Original record companies' own remasters sometimes exhibit these same hit-or-miss qualities. Joe Gastwirt at Ocean View Digital did a steller job with Crosby, Stills & Nash. In contrast, RCA dropped the ball and laid a thick veil over Jefferson Starship/Blows Against the Empire.

Opinions may vary, but I doubt any generalization can be made whether DCC or MFSL is better. I'd guess it all depends, recording by recording, on the quality of the reputed master and the talents or passion of the people involved on each project.
Comparing LP reissues only, one should note that MoFi had two incarnations. The first time around the inital batch was mastered by Doug Sax and sounded great, after that Gary Georgi took the reins and boosted both highs and lows destroying the original intentions of the musicians. There are tons of MoFi's like this and some like the "improved" sound, but screwing with frequency response is very different than revealing greater levels of detail. Try the MoFi Steely Dan, Aja to see just what a mess this is. The plain Jane domestic pressing mastered by Bob Ludwig, if memory serves, sounds so much more like real music, but there are just tons of other examples. In their second iteration they produced the, mostly excellent, Anadisc 200 series of 200 gram reissues. The DCC LPs seem to sound more real to me but here matters of taste come into play. For a really nice listing of all of the MoFi's go to http://aurealm.com/jade.htm. My take on it, and I own quit a large collection of these reissues, is that they are not worth the venturesome prices currently being asked and that, if one is a discophile with the time and the inclination, better issues of most of these can be found for less money.