What is the difference between a FM Broadcast Receiver and a FM Broadcast Decoder?

I have been asked to implement a FM Broadcast Receiver. I am looking for a block diagram to start with,. All i find is diagrams and explanations of FM decoder (and encoder) circuitry or sometimes even block diagrams. IS the two one and the same? I think the receiver as a whole contains additional blocks besides the actual decoder?
See this, for example:


usually when the word receiver is used its referring to the ability to receive the FM signal decode (de modulate) preamp-amplify and output the speaker level signal.

so for listening only

Antenna-FM receiving section and decoder ( or FM de-modulator)-preamp-amp-speakers.

for transmitting you need to add a source mic, CD player, etc - encoder or properly called FM modulator- Preamp - Amplifier - Antenna.

note the encoder-decoder or modulator is many different blocks I'm not going to break these down do some research on the individual sections if you need more information.

 you need to find out if you need to just receive or receive and transmit.

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