What is the definition of SACD -noobQ-

I couldn't find any definitions using the site search or a few mfgr web sites. I assume it is Stand Alone CD (player) after viewing a rear panel? Any special CD disk reqmts? Rediscovering my audiophile hobby after navy retirement. Also saving to purchase new DVD/CD player. My Stuff: Carver: TFM-35x, DPL-33, CT-23, (SDA-360 broken). Sony: TC-WE435, SEQ-711, Pioneer RT-707. Speakers...nevermind. lol.
You will find your answer here, along with many other definitions(in case you have other questions about acronyms.)
SACD stands for Super Audio CD and is basically a commercial implementation of Sony's DSD, or Direct Stream Digital, technology. It does require both special discs and a player that can decode them. It has gotten good reviews in the press and by users but it would appear to be a dying technology, or at the very least an extreme niche technology, so it should be approached cautiously.
I agree with Jond.
What you can do when you get a new dvd player is find one that plays multiple formats. Sonys tend to play sacd, but not dvd-audio, while denon's and pioneer elites usually will play both formats. Also make sure the player will handle dv-r/rw if you burn your own discs.
www.audiovideo101.com has a glossary of audio terms also
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