What is the current retail cost of your reference system?

It would be interesting to share this as I am not sure some of us understand how decisions are made within the framework of cost and resolution. Please avoid used prices as that muddys the water significantly. Also cabling costs would be revealing as well if willing to share. 


@kota1 You are correct.  The improvement from my prior home to my new listening room is immense.  That is probably the reason my 30 year old Legacy Focus speakers sound so wonderful.   It's nearly the least expensive part of my system (which many believe the speaker should be the most expensive component/best component possible in a system).  


While a custom built room is obviously the SOA way to go the average member here could get a massive upgrade by simply getting a room "kit". The first one is from Auralex, the second one from SonitusUSA. There are many others and treatments can of course be hidden behind acoustically transparent fabric:

Current cost approx $24,500 (retail)

For me it's LOTS of money. For audiophiles, I'm sure I have a lower midlevel system



Well chosen components in a well thought out system can sound absolutely fantastic. Not that long ago that is what mine was worth… a system to be proud of. What does your system look like? I don/t see it in your virtual systems.