What is the current market value of the Classe Audio CA200 and the Classe Audio 15 amps ?

What should I expect to pay for a Classe Audio CA200 (silver faceplate) in excellemt working and cosmetic condition ?What should I expect to pay for a Classe Audio 15 (black faceplate) in excellent working and cosmetic condition ?
To Zimmerman:
The Audiogon Blue Book site is likely not down, but I do not have a subscription, as I would not use it enough to justify the expense. I have no problem if you don't know the current market values of these amps or if don't want to share the information, just keep your snide comments/sarcastic questions to yourself!!!
To riley804:While I have searched on e-bay, Audiomart (Canada & US) and Audiogon, I have been told, that in general, sellers on these sites significantly inflate their asking prices. As I don't know the current value of these amps, I am only asking Audiogon members if they have an idea as to what I should expect to pay.

General comment:
Correct  me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that the Forum sections were designed and set up to both give members a venue for discussing different audio related subjects and to give the less knowledgeable members, like me, the opportunity to learn from those who are more experienced and knowledgeable. Regardless, when I ask a question or seek advice, I expect  either a polite answer or no answer at all..
The CA-200 had two versions. The earlier had heat sinks on the rear, the later had heat sinks on the side with "distributed capacitance" and was eventually renamed the CA-201. They all came in silver. The improved CA200/201 reportedly was a much better amp.  I had the CA-150 with rear heatsinks and upgraded to the 201.  Big jump in detail and dynamics.
I gave away a Classe 15 amp to a fellow Audiogoner.  I believe that amp is from the 1996-1999 era.
You do not have to have a subscription to use the AG Blue Book. You can choose the one time use option. Also check Hi Fi Shark. 
+1 for HiFi Shark. You can look at the sold/expired listings to get a good idea of asking price.