What is the best way to sell B&W speakers?

I have a B&W Nautilus 800 speaker system (6 speakers) and I would like some feedback as to using a classified verses an auction. Also, would it be wise to split up the system?
locally if you're not in the middle of nowhere.
wise to split to at least partially sell. the remaining ligher ones can be sold on internet.
USe auction when market value is not clear. Use classified when it is. Agon blue book provides retail and actual market values based on historical sales records. Most B&W speakers will have a lot of historical sale data points to help establish the market value, so go classified in this case in order to quickly sell for teh fair market value.

Sometimes bidding wars develop on certain popular auction items for no real good reason and there is a chance of getting more than current market value. Its a risk that might be worth taking in some cases. Of course, you might also get less, or not sell at all if the minimum initial bid is set too high.
As a point of interest I recently listed an unusual item which I didn't know the demand for nor the appropriate selling price. As such I tried an auction and did not get the results I wanted (didn't meet reserve which was quite fair). So I chose to relist as a regular ad and got a fair price for it. Not sure why but that's what worked this time. One thing I did find is you get a free relist if the item doesn't sell, but you must relist as the same type, i.e., if you start as an auction you must relist as an auction. Not so good if the auction route doesn't work. Strangely, I did not find this spelled out in the selling guidelines. The Audiogon support crew straightened me out though, and were generous (thanks!).
Auctions usually benefit from a large number of participants. I would only use agon auction for something with potential unique value for many audiophiles. Most b&w speakers would not qualify. eBay would be abetter option due to large number of users. I have always had good luck selling audio gear for a good price on eBay. Have not had a reason to try it on agon yet. I have a Dbx 3bx that I am not using that might be a good candidate but I suspect eBay would work just fine.