What is the best way to burn in my new speakers

I just bouight a pair of Klipsch RB75. What is best way to burn in the speakers?
Facing eachother, 1" apart. One out of phase, one in phase. Cover with blanket(thick). And play music?

Should do it in a few days.

Really? What volume? When you say a few days, do you mean 72 hours non-stop? Or just a 72 hour burn in phase? Thanks.
I think he means at least 72 hours non stop. Once you put them face to face and out of phase from each other it won't be very loud as they'll cancel each other out. So a fair amount of volume is good to work the surrounds. You can just listen to them too but it takes longer to break in that way.
In my opinion speaker burn-in is A BIT overrated -- a good speaker should sound pretty good new out of the box, so I prefer to just play them when I play them and let nature take its course. Sure it takes a little longer to burn them in this way, but you get the added enjoyment of getting to hear them evolve from decent sounding to fine sounding. Just my opinion as I say. Enjoy! I had RB-5IIs a while back and found them quite satisfying.
Thanks for the help. (again, Warnerwh). Oh, and these are not the RB75. They are actually RF7s. Now that i connected it correctly (full range) sounds awesome!!! I had hooked up same as 901s, setup for mid/highs. That is stupid. But this was dumber: when I first hooked them up, I still had the 901s 'eq' connected! Wow, at first I thought they really sounded different at the store...
I play Salsa music when breaking in speakers. It is very dynamic and gives the drivers a good workout.
low volume gentle ocean cd (ie waves in and out covering frequency spectrum) 24 hours
Yep, I mean 24/7 for a week at normal listening levels. It´s usually the membranes edges that are too stiff when new. This is a good workout for them. From beginning/out of box sound is often quite harsh and not very pleasent. As the edges softens, membranes can move more freely.

I would consider most speakers broken in after this.