what is the best way to add remote control

I am getting into home automation and would like to have my Gryphon Antileon Solo amps to turn on/off remotely. what is the best way to do so?
I take it there is no 12V trigger input? You could always build an outlet box with a 12V relay that could be driven off a preamp or something. Another alternative, although more costly, is what I have done--use a PS Audio Power Director, which is a non-current limiting power control center. Has an IR remote (you can get codes off http://www.remotecentral.com or you can configure it to turn on/off zones with a 12V trigger.
Edesilva, thank you for your comments, I am awar of the Power Director but as you said it is an expensive and not needed in my case because I do have a UPS that powers my entire system. My system is in total isolation from the main powers i.e. i don't need all the options of the Power Director. And my amps don't have 12 volt trigger, all it has a bias control that is connected to the Gryphon preamp.

All I really need is a non-current limiting on/off switch with remote control. do you or anyone else knows of such thing
X-10 is a power line carrier home automation system. You can get an RF remote that interacts with a radio box that plugs into an outlet to "send" commands to addressable outlets. You need to replace the outlets--probably need 20A heavy duty outlets. I'm not sure if you can get an IR remote for X-10, the ones I've seen are all RF, so they aren't very compatible with other home automation things, like prontos. Go to http://www.smarthome.com and poke around in the X-10 section.

I played around a bit with X-10, and I think I like some of the other systems better--Lutron's RadioRA, for example. 'Course, these are whole house automation systems, so they can get pretty dear. If you are looking at home automation already, is there something you are installing anyway? If that is the case, can you get an addressable outlet?
A latching power switch stays in the on position if power is lost. In other words, the amp will come back on when power is restored to the recepticle.
Radio Shack has a remote on-off switch cheap - can be configured to handle multiple gears.

But I wonder if there will be a quality loss by adding anything to the path - isn't direct as possible better?

(not including a power conditioner - I love my $30 oneac power conditioner off ebay - gonna upgrade someday - made a believer out of me of power conditioning)

I will experiment with mine to see if quality loss is there - in a few days.

But meanwhile, your radioshack has an affordable solution - it can control lights too - handy for bedroom when we are about to doze off.
well, thank you all for your suggestions. One thing I discovered is whenever I cut the power from my amps, then apply it again I still would have to go to the on/off switch and turn it on. it has one of those electronic standby switches. so non of that will work.
thank you again

Since your amp has an electronic power switch that doesn't
"latch" - i.e. stay on without power - and you don't have
a 12V trigger - then manual operation is the only way.

Gregory Greenman
The best way is not to add a remote control if you care about the sound quality.

If he had an amp with an on/off switch that "latched" - i.e.
stayed on - then a remote control could be used to turn on the

Since the remote control just switches on the power - it's not
in the signal path - and would not degrade sound quality.

Dr. Gregory Greenman