What is the best vinyl version of The Last Waltz?

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Audio Research Ref 150 (kt 150s),Ref 40, Ref Phono 2, Shunyata Sigma pcs, Aurora and Stealth Indra ics, Wilson Sashas, VPI HRX rim drive,12" 3d and 12.7 arms, Dynavector xv1t, xv1-s (mono), Ortofon Windfeld, Shure v15III carts
The one that scrapes out the Neil Diamond tracks.
I have the Rhino release version (I have number 250 of 1500) and was signed by Robbie, Levon and Garth. A very good version. I had the original release (Warner Bros?) in 1977 and remember it sounding like a live recording with lots of background noise. The Rhino is much cleaner sounding.