What is the best used tube checker out there for

the money?Any easier to use than others?
There are tons of different models; make sure that the one you consider will test all of the different tube types that you are interested in and that it tests for mutual conductance, not just the filament. For the beginner the US military TV-7 is a great tube tester. It is common, very easy to use and quite compact. It tests many of the common tube types. If you can spend a bit more one of the Deluxe Hickock or B&K models will be a good choice. I like the Hickock 752 as it will test both sides of a dual triode (12AX7,6DJ8 etc.) without having to reset all of the dials. It also will test most of the archaic receiving triode output tubes such as 300B, 2A3, etc. Good luck in your search.
Another inexpensive and uncomplicated model is the B&K 747. Rarely needs adjustment and is accurate at determining and matching transconductance readings on most audio tubes.
My CJ Premier 5 is quite an EL34 tube tester. Better than whatever the guy who sold me tubes for it, was using.
Excellent advice so far. With the Hickock Cardmatic, if you can find one, you need not twiddle with dials, but use a specific card for a specific tube, as the name implies. If you live in Europe, the Hickock's brethren would be the German made "Funke", which however, you'll rarely find under $700.